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Paul Dow

Hello! I'm Paul, an award winning travel blogger who focuses on solo adventure travel and has a passion for using new technology. I write, take photos and produce videos about travel, food, craft beer, coffee and adventure.

  • TravMonkey

    Yeah it is in away, especially in countries like Australia.Anyway, Stacy how about joining the 30 day alcohol detox?You know you can do it!

  • Stacy

    I thought I left a comment earlier today, but I must have messed up. What I was saying, though, is that I really appreciate what you are doing with the detox. I don't drink often, but I occasionally enjoy a nice cold beer or a glass of good wine. I wonder why is it so difficult to think of abstaining for 1 month. Since I have a wine tasting next week, I'm guessing the detox wouldn't work for me unless I can have one day off, and that kind of defeats the purpose. Good luck with your challenge!

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  • Nicely said. Things change quickly and following a guidebook to the letter means risking wasting a lot of time and energy getting to a place that is closed or 'so yesterday'.

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for your comment. I always find it a bit scary that many backpackers rely so much on their guide books today instead of actually using them as just a guide. It just means you miss out on so much that is going on that isn't stated in the book.


    Paul @