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Stepping Back Into Ancient Times At Hadrian’s Wall
We trekked through a blustery gully with a cold wind and rain lashing one side of our faces, it wasn't too difficult to imagine how hard life for the

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When people speak of visiting the UK they normally mean England or more specifically London. Correctly, England does form part of the UK and London is the capital but there is far more to the country than this one city. Even if the city is a wonderful one, known for fabulous shows such as the Lion King and many others; tourist attractions such as Big Ben, the ‘London Eye’ and Buckingham Palace; world class shopping for anything from fashion to electronics and much, much more. Buck the trend and go the Reading Music Festival for big name rock bands or go to Cotswold for the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. Feeling florally, then head for the Harrogate Spring Flower Show in Yorkshire. Get a taste of old school and visit one of the famous universities such as Oxford or Cambridge. Take in a rowing regatta to get your full share of tradition. Golf courses are also long standing establishments of English etiquette. Take in a round at a modern day track or kick the dimpled ball around golf courses that have been around longer than you, your father and probably your grandpa have. Possibly as long as 5000 years ago, some fairly determined folks left some rocks lying around. Many visitors, some stranger than others, make their pilgrimage to Salisbury Plain to see Stonehenge. Enchanted by engineering? Visit the Royal Enfield factory or hire a Lotus for a day at the track.The Queen is still clinging onto the Pound and the only land based neighbours are Scotland and Wales.

By Paul Dow

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