Cheap Countries to Travel

Looking for inspiration on the cheap countries to travel to? We’ve got 10 cheap countries to add to your travel list.

1. Incredible India
India is an incredibly diverse country with a million sites to see, bargains to buy, fabrics to
fondle and food to feast on. Obvious attractions include the Taj Mahal but off the beaten track
are amazing secret spots like Paradise Beach. Ride camels, elephants and take a trip on a

2. On the News Naughty List
Practically any destination with scary news stories will get less tourists and offer more
bargains. Sri Lanka, like most other spots getting bad press requires a little research to
avoid troubled areas and ensure an inexpensive but fantastic holiday. Ancient cities, magical
beaches, mystical temples and, and, and.

3. Fiji
It is as exotic as it sounds. The islands of Fiji are fairly far from most things. They got some
bad publicity and had a bout of nasty weather. Ergo, they are not on the average traveller’s
wish list despite jaw dropping beaches. Rent a villa for a month for an extra great rate.

4. Hot Head
No need to lose your cool, just head for Iceland. See the Northern Lights and other amazing
natural spots such as lagoons, waterfalls and glaciers. Their economy is cruising down the
creek without a paddle making whatever currency you are coming from look like a bull on a
bad hair day.

5. Eurasia
Sounds like an eighty’s pop band but this middle ground is where you will find Turkey. If you
like to haggle there is no place better. Head to the markets where you will find an insane
assortment of eats, treats and more. Hubbly bubbly, Turkish coffee, super flash nightlife and
the loads of interesting architecture, it’s all here.

6. The Dark Continent
There are many beautiful African destinations but Ethiopia is one of the better kept secrets.
Some malaria tablets and some vaccinations keep mainstream tourists away. Culture dates
back over 3000 years and the natural beauty seems older than time. Lakes, mountains,
waterfalls and wildlife and best of all, few tourists.

7. Go East
Good Morning Vietnam! Forget the crazy war movies and think festivals, boat rides and loads
of sunshine filled beaches. Ride a Russian built Minsk 125cc motorbike for an economic
albeit hair-raising way to tour the coastline. Pick up local ingredients and make your own
Vietnamese chow.

8. Go Eastern Bloc
Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary are the best of the former six soviet states but the
latter is lagging behind in terms of tourist attention and consequently prices are lower. There
are plenty of historical, cultural and scenic places to visit. Try camping by the thermal lake
Hévíz if you are on an extra tight budget.

9. Mexico
America’s poor cousin has a rich variety of food, music and fun filled holiday making, payable
in Pesos rather than dollars. Waves are free, so go surfing, snorkelling or diving. Even the
flooded volcano craters offer some interesting underwater experiences.

10. The United States of Nowhere
Hard hit by bad banking antics, there are many well known and lesser known holiday
destinations in the US that are offering discounts American style, i.e. big time. Whatever
happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…

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  • Hello Jodie,

    There’s loads of information around if you need help. Do you have any specific questions?

    This article could be a good starting point:



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