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Chapel of St Kinga, Inside Wieliczka Salt Mine
Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland
A salt mine you say? Doesn't sound that exciting does it? Well, the Wieliczka Salt Mine was the location for the world's first underground bung

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There is more to do in Poland than you might expect. Some only know Poland for the impossibly beautiful models with even more impossible sounding names emanating from this once communist country. In reality, travelling there allows for hiking, enjoying summer recitals of Chopin (born just outside Warsaw), spelunking in salt mines (UNESCO site) and enjoying their unique cuisine. You have not eaten a good Polish meal unless you have tasted ‘pierogi’ topped with fried onions. If you are a ‘foodie’ you will no doubt enjoy hunting for mushrooms in one of the many forests. The terrain offered to the outdoor enthusiast includes rivers, lakes, mountains and desert. The beaches are of the prettiest in Europe and a well kept secret. If you do plan on hiking or mountain biking in the Great Bieszczady Forest, keep an eye out for bears, lynxes, wolves and wildcats. Looking for something less hazardous, try fishing, canoeing or kayaking? Apropos of sporting activities, Poland is internationally competitive in all manner of sports, from football to ice hockey, track and field to weightlifting.  Their volleyball team is ranked highly. Not every trip is about good times and giggles. Many millions pay their respects to the holocaust victims at the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp, nearby Krakow. Many interesting gothic churches as well as synagogues dating back to the 1500’s can be found here. Though part of the European Union, they still use the local currency, i.e. the Złoty. Poland is in central Europe and borders Germany, the Czech Republic and a few other eastern bloc countries.

By Paul Dow

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Chapel of St Kinga, Inside Wieliczka Salt Mine
Wieliczka Salt Mine, Poland
Paul Dow - 08-05-2012

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