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Madrid – Coffee, Design, Tapas and Partying
Madrid's crazy lifestyle means that the daytime seems to stretch on forever. Long enough to fill it with boutique shops, design cafes, architecture, h

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Spanish, as we know it, is actually one of four languages spoken in the country. If your Castellano (which is what they call it) is not great, English will get you buy in most popular tourist locations. Barcelona is positively electric and never sleeps. There is much to see and do here with everything from a sex museum to amazing art exhibits, museums and of course loads of thumping nightclubs. Many other towns offer interesting sights, such as Toledo which is famous for religious buildings of various faiths. Bullfighting is fortunately losing popularity, even amongst the locals but is still practised in some cities such as Ronda. Seville is the city for lovers though. In the warmer months young couples come from the neighbouring towns to get married and a walk through the streets on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon will reveal a glimpse of matrimony Spanish style. Find a local hangout for some proper Flamenco and you will no doubt be hugely impressed by the passion they have for this vibrant tradition. If you are visiting the famous Costa del Sol then head west to Gibraltar while you are at it. The Spanish are famous for Paella although the trick is to find an authentic restaurant rather than the many that cater for all the tourists. Dinner Spanish style is done by bar hopping and eating light snacks called Tapas. All bars accept Euros. Portugal and France are the only neighbours on the continent and Morocco is just on the other side of the Gib.

By Paul Dow

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