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Tokyo Japan: Alone in Tokyo Video
Everyone I know that has travelled to Tokyo in Japan (Far East Asia) has loved the city. I spent time there last year and really enjoyed it. All y

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Japan is where the perfect twist of the ancient and the modern remains alive to this day; and the number of contrasts and contradictions in this country only mean one thing-the excitement and element of surprise never dies. Visitors anticipating to experience a lot of history, beauty and fashion must put Japan on top of their list. Tokyo is the perfect epitome of a place that could bring what tourists and travelers would describe as culture shock because of its mix of attractions that include Japan’s historic, cultural and societal trends altogether. One looking for a serene journey must visit the city of Nikko in Tokyo, which is a pilgrimage site for many Japanese and tourists alike because of its solemnity. Hailed as one of the UNESCO world heritage site, visitors can learn a lot of Japanese history in this city; the national park is just the icing in the cake. Another must visit Tokyo City is Kamakura which houses Japan’s best collection of temples and shrines. This is where you can also witness the famous Great Buddha Statue. Kyoto is another must visit destination in the Land of the Rising Sun. Several other preserved temples and other historical sites can be found here-over 15 of which are names as UNESCO world heritage sites. Last but not the least, the world famous Mt. Fuji which is Japan’s most scared mountain, located in Fuji Hakone Izu National Park is a highly recommended destination in Japan. In the Land of the Rising Sun, one will experience the true beauty of history and modernity all at the same time.

By Paul Dow

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Tokyo Japan: Alone in Tokyo Video
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