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Five Great Reasons for Visiting South Korea
It's often not at the top of everyone’s must see destinations, but there are plenty of reasons to plan a trip to South Korea. Here we share five top

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South Korea, also referred to as just Korea and officially named Republic of Korea or ROK, is the second largest metropolitan city in the world. Rich in history, culture and technology, South Korea is a famous vacation hotspot for people from all walks of life. Whether you’re looking for adventures in relation to nature, to culture, to fashion and most especially food, the Land of the Morning Calm will not fail you. Many travellers seek South Korea for shopping, as Korean fashion has taken the world by storm. The most famous shopping destinations in Korea are the Dongdaenum Night Market and the Wholesale District where a wide array and selection of goods can be bought at a bargain price. Sports fans probably have heard about Busan, second largest city in South Korea because this is where the Asian Games was hosted as well as well as one of the host cities for the FIFA World Cup back in 2002. Beautiful city lights make the view in Busan breath-taking, and for tourists to appreciate it more, they go up to the Busan Tower in Yongdusan Park. Well, who could forget South Korea’s capital city, Seoul? It is the largest city in the country and said to be one of the most modern cities in all of Asia. It also houses beautiful palaces one of which is the Gyeongbok Palace or the Palace of Shining Happiness and gardens one of which is Biwon or the secret garden located in the Changdeok’s Palace. South Korea indeed is the Land of the Morning Calm-the palaces, gardens, temples and other historical structures are sure to make any traveller at peace with themselves.

By Paul Dow

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