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Looking to shop for gadgets before you set off on your travels? We’ve come up with ten handy gadgets to shop for before you head off travelling around the world.

1. Walkin’ Bag – $170
Any seasoned traveller will be able to share stories of airport discomfort, lack of seats and
long queues. It is surprising that it has taken this long to combine a carry on travel bag which
offers a sturdy unfolding seat. A specially engineered handle allows you to lean on it while
standing. Low tech is the new high tech. –

2. Earthmate – $550
Combination gadgets offer double value and use less real estate in your bag. This goodie
does fabulous GPS stuff plus offers ‘bread crumb’ trails and other safety features. It does this
using a one way satellite send, so no cell phone reception required. E-mail out, tweet or send
a detailed SOS. It has a bunch of other feautures including imagery, GPX, tracking etc. The
downside is that it uses batteries – read about the next gadget…

3. Powerfilm USB & AA Solar Charger – $100
Nothing short of genius. This takes the hassle out of carrying adaptors and looking for power
sources in strange places. The cleverness is in its ability to charge a pair of AA batteries
using only solar OR work some electrical magic and charge your USB device using the
energy stored in the batteries you charged earlier, therefore usable at night or on the plane.

4. Tumi Ultra Slim Universal Power Adaptor – $195
If however you are sticking it where the sun don’t shine, then you may opt for this cover-all-
the-bases option. It is about as slinky as is possible given the range of plugs and adaptors
(including for the car and plane). The spring loaded cable retractor ensures minimal clutter.

5. ITG Vidix Goggles – $250
For whatever reason you don’t want the unknown traveller next to you seeing what movie you
are watching, this tiny device will do the trick. On board memory + SD Slot means you don’t
need to be connected to anything. Put on these sci-fi specs (3D also available) plug in the
integrated earphones press play. –

6. ITG Video Recoder – $200
Go the other way, don’t watch, record. Think James Bond meets Terminator. These mean
looking shades double up as a video recorder saving up to 5 hours of your magic moments.
No need to hold or carry a camera and there are no end to the situations it may prove useful
or funny to be filming in cognito. Trust no-one. –

7. Kindle – $139
Every traveller needs a book. Probably best to take a few. Um, and maybe a foreign language
dictionary. There is no need to list why a laptop (and its monitor) is no substitute. The kindle
electronic book uses e-ink which looks like paper so it is literally easy on the eyes. In fact
when you are tired of reading, it will read to you or play mp3’s. It is light, it can hold tons of
books but weighs a few grams (and you can download more on the fly). –

8. Wine Skin $12 for a 5 pack
Terrorism just isn’t what it used to be. The daily horror that they inflicted on us is the effect
they have had on the flights they don’t even hijack. Maximum liquid restrictions prevent you
from stowing that special bottle of bubbly in your overhead locker. Red wine is not good
however for marinating your clothing in. Wine skin is a bubble wrap sheath that will protect
Bordeaux from breaking and if it does, the seal ensures your clothes won’t be, um, er,

9. MeNoSpeak Book – $12
Low tech wins again with this handy phrase illustration book. Getting a taxi or going to the
bathroom in a land where they only speak klingon has never been easier. Available as an app
on your i-phone too. –

10. Briefsafe – $20
Saving the best for last. It may seem expensive for a pair of soiled underpants but… In the
fight of poo versus technology, a charming brown stripe down the middle of the jockstrap lying
about in the middle of the room is going to win every time. Hide your cash and other small
valuables in the concealed pouch of these disgusting y-fronts. No hotel staff will have the
courage to verify the authenticity of said (fake) offending item.

Photo by Kodomut

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