S-21 Cambodia, history can give you an insight into a country's culture.

S-21 Cambodia, history can give you an insight into a country's culture.

So you know you want to travel around the world and you know roughly how long you want to go for. You have one or two places you’d love to go, but where else are you going to go? So many places, so many choices.

We’ve put together a list of places to find great ideas for backpacking across the world.

1. Travel Blogs – Try reading a few travel blogs, it’ll give you a great insight into traveling a country that you wouldn’t otherwise get from a guide book. Try www.travbuddy.com or www.travelpod.com for some great inspiration.

2. Travel Forums – Try checking out the lonely planet’s forum the thorn tree, it has sub forums for different continents. BootsnAll.com also have a similar setup and it can be a helpful place for general advice as well as country specific advice.

3. Inspiration Travel Books – We all know about “The Beach”, both the book and the movie but there are hundreds of inspirational travel books out there. Try reading “All the Wrong Places” by James Fenton or “The Great Railway Bazaar” by Paul Theroux for starters.

4. Inspiration Travel Movies – There are so many inspirational travel movies, for me “Lost in Translation” had a inspirational depiction of Tokyo as well as “The Motorcycle Diaries” ride through parts of South America.

5. History – For me I’m always interested in a countries history as it can tell us a great deal about it’s culture and way of life. Cambodia in particular was both fascinating and haunting in the dramatic historical events that happened not so long ago. See S-21 prison and The Killing Fields.

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  • Long Way Round is also a great book/DVD combo for inspiration.

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  • I have yet to see the BEACH! Every list I have read has it on it or mentions it like you have…lol! Im gonna have to rent it soon!