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Poland Blog Trip in Real-Time #tmPoland

We’re in Poland for a blog trip organised by Polish National Tourism Office.

This page is our real-time coverage of the trip including Foursquare check-ins, Instagram photo and Twitter commentary.

You’ll be able to follow us as we explore what Poland has to offer. Hopefully we’ll be able to supply a glimpse of what it’s like to visit. From checking in at the airport to eating dinner in Wroclaw it should be an interesting insight.

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Things To Do In Wroclaw, Poland

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If you’re interested in seeing what we’re up to in Poland from Friday 13th till Tuesday 17th, stay tuned to this page.

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A salt mine you say? Doesn't sound that exciting does it? Well, the Wieliczka Salt Mine was the location for the world's first underground bungee jump and also the fir
"The Gate of Death" Walking under what was known as "The Gate of Death" by prisoners at Auschwitz II and standing under the watchtower, you realise that you're stood
The Polish Southwestern city of Wroclaw has found itself involved in many a power struggle over the years. The city's strategic location at the heart of Central Europe


St. Peter and St. Peter church
Bar 7
Cafe Oranzeria
View of castle, Krakow #tmpoland
Cafe Oranzeria
Dinner time in Krakow http://www.travmonkey.com/real-time/poland-blog-trip-in-real-time-tmpoland/
Hotel Grand Sal
First course #tmpoland melon and ham
Hotel Grand Sal
The bloggers #tmpoland
U Śliwy
Traditional houses #tmpoland
Kaplica W Jasczcurowce
#tmpoland 100 year old church
Speed karting in Kroclaw #tmpoland
Hala Stulecia
Stadion Miejski
Hala Stulecia
UNESCO site #tmpoland
Mingling with the locals plus vodka (last night) #tmpoland

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