Busy out in town today. Rain = shopping apparently #tmoxford
Although it's disappointing that Ron Burgundy couldn't play some jazz flute in oxford today, the guys we say did pull some amazing faces during their set #tmoxford
Rain stops play, no walking tour for us :-(. This will have to do instead #tmoxford
Esther outside Ashmolean museum #tmoxford
Oxford jazz festival at the Ashmolean museum #tmoxford
Anyone for chocolate? #oxfordcoveredmarkets #tmoxford
They love a bike on Oxford #tmoxford
Christchurch college grounds where so of Harry potter was filmed #tmoxford
#tmoxford punting time
Part of the Oxford uni rowing team #tmoxford
Covered markets #tmoxford
My kind of party! #tmoxford
Oxford is backpacker friendly :-) #tmoxford
Train from Didcot to Oxford now. #tmoxford
Our apartment in Didcot. Tres grande! #tmoxford
The route is set. My place to Dicot and then onto Oxford once we've checked into out apartment #tmoxford

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  1. Have fun Neil! Will be interesting to see what things you see in Oxford, I’ve never been!

  2. Loving the Instagrams Neil! Feel like I’ve really experienced your trip!

  3. Hi Frankie,

    I think it gives a great insight into your trip, you only really see bits when follow on twitter or instagram.

    Adding improvements very soon, so that photos will have checkins attached too!

  4. Cheers guys! It was a lot of fun, rain kinda stopped us halfway through day two though. Damn English weather.

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