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First Time Traveler to Cambodia
After a magnificent two weeks in Thailand, it was time to move on to Cambodia. I visited Siem Reap north of the island, before moving on to Phnom

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It wasn’t always easy for inhabitants of the Kingdom of Cambodia as many rulers have fought over the country. Cambodia is now seeing better days, though, and their borders have opened up to the world for everyone to see the beauty of their history and resources. Cambodia is a country with a myriad of possibilities, and any tourist would know that the country has something great to offer to anyone who visits. Cambodia’s main tourist destination is Angkor, which is referred to as the world’s largest religious monument. Angkor houses a long, long stretch of a 12th century temple complex with over 500 beautiful temples. It is named as a UNESCO World Heritage site unsurprisingly. This city tells the story of the ever-famous Khmer civilization which never fail to awe visitors from all over the world. In Angkor, tourists could start and have a good time at Angkor Archaeological Park where the Temple of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom as well as the Bayon Temple is located. Cambodia’s capital city, Phnom Penh is another city good to explore. For a relaxed atmosphere, tourists can walk by the lovely riverfronts of the city, as well as see the beautiful French-Indonesian architecture here. Siem Reap, another city in Cambodia has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. There are several hotels, restaurants and other establishments that tourists can enjoy in this rural atmosphere. Cambodia is one country to visit when looking to feel more relaxed and spiritual.

By Paul Dow

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First Time Traveler to Cambodia
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