Five Great Reasons for Visiting South Korea


It’s often not at the top of everyone’s must see destinations, but there are plenty of reasons to plan a trip to South Korea. Here we share five top things to do when v­­isiting Korea that you should include on your own travel itinerary. Discover the Traditions of South Korea at a Local Market The […]

The N Tower (Seoul Tower), South Korea


Way back on 15th October 1980 the N Tower was opened to the general public in Seoul, South Korea. It sits on top of Namsan Mountain at 243m high and the foot of the tower is accessible via cable car, bus or on foot. Previously the tower has been called “Seoul Tower” and also “Namsan […]

Christmas & New Year Travel Plans


So, it’s that time of year yet again. It seems to come around quicker every time or maybe I’m just increasingly busy these days. I’m leaving London tonight to head home for Christmas in the North West. I’m looking forward to a relaxing Christmas after such a busy year of travel. It’s been a great […]

F1 Grand Prix in Korea


We were sent on a blog trip to South Korea and had already experienced the sights of Seoul but now it was time for the Formula One Grand Prix. The team consisted of myself, Chris (@theaussienomad) and John (@JohnONolan) and we were tweeting on the hashtag #T5Korea as the trip was organised by along […]

(DMZ) Demilitarized Zone, Korea


The Korean war ended in 1953 after the United Nations and most noteably the United States pushed back the invading North Korean army. The country was split in two establishing a North/South border and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The zone stretches for 2km on both sides of the border and is one of the most […]

First Impressions of Seoul, South Korea


We were heading to South Korea to experience the thrills of the Korean Grand Prix 2011 but before that we had a whole lot of Seoul to explore and a couple of tours to check out along the way. The team consisted of myself, Chris (@theaussienomad) and John (@JohnONolan) and we were tweeting on the […]

10 Weird Things To Eat Around The World


When you travel the world, you’ll find many weird and wonderful things to eat. Some of you will be up to the challenge whilst others would rather just find a cheap alternative. On your trip around the world you’ll  face many interesting cultures and with this many different foods, some of which will be more […]