Trekking in Sapa, Vietnam


Search for Sapa and you’ll see images of cascading rice terraces of various shades of green against the backdrop of misty mountains, effervescent waterfalls, and smiling minority tribeswomen in traditional dress. Such scenes are stuff of travel dreams but in Sapa they really do exist. After an 8 and a bit hour train journey from […]

A Business Trip to Sri Lanka


As a consultant covering South East Asia I often get to travel to some interesting and unusual places, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia in the last few months. However recently a regional client asked us to help them in another market, just outside our usual sphere of influence, therefore at the end of March I travelled […]

First Time Traveler to Vietnam


During my time in Vietnam (I’ve always wanted to say that) I visited two cities Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) and Hanoi. The main reason I wanted to visit Vietnam was to see the tunnels in Ho Chi Minh. I wasted no time and took the tour on day one. It was all I expected it […]

Cheap Countries to Travel in 2011


Looking for inspiration on the cheap countries to travel to? We’ve got 10 cheap countries to add to your travel list. 1. Incredible India India is an incredibly diverse country with a million sites to see, bargains to buy, fabrics to fondle and food to feast on. Obvious attractions include the Taj Mahal but off […]

Asia Video – South East Asian Journey

South East Asia Video

Ivan Vania’s Journey Through Asia I find one of the best ways to get inspiration for a trip is to check out other peoples travel experience. This is a video from Ivan Vania’s 2009 South East Asia trip through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. This video brings back some great memories from my own South East […]

Backpacking Life: The River Of Adventure


There’s a river of adventure that runs through each of our lives. For some people, it’s on the surface – a cascading torrent. For others, it’s a stream buried deep underground. It runs along in their imaginative lives but rarely sees the surface in the form of any lived adventures. And then there’s the river that runs dry, […]