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Ultimate Android Travel App – Google Goggles

Published 4th August 2010
by Paul Dow ~ 1 min, 7 secs read

Google goggles has been around for a while now but is an interesting and inventive little app for Android phones.

St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral taken via Google Goggles.

I decided to install the app on my HTC Desire to give it a test drive. I ventured out on to the streets of London and took a quick shot of St Paul’s Cathedral. It wasn’t a great shot (I was walking whilst I took it) but to my surprise it managed to find St Paul’s Cathedral in Google complete with a photo and it’s Wikipedia entry.

Google Goggles is a visual search app, meaning that the user takes a photo rather than entering words and the app attempts to return the relevant results.

If this wasn’t interesting enough, Google Goggles has also updated the app to work as a translator, great news for us travellers. For example if you are in a restaurant in some far away country and you can’t understand the menu, simply take a photo and the app will translate the text.

Google Goggles can be used to search the following: text, landmarks, books, contact info, artwork, places, wine and logos.

The app will also be available for Iphone in the near future.

Google Goggles Android app
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  1. Wow! That sounds awesome…

    I need to get rid of my IBrick and be finally part of the Smart phones era! :)

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