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Weekend Break To Prague With Jet2.com

Tomorrow (9th September 2016), I’m heading to one of my favourite European cities, Prague with Jet2.com the city break specialists!

I’m looking forward to exploring the old town of this historic city as well as sampling plenty of beers with a tour of three micro breweries and tasting 11 variations of Czech beer! I’ll also be wandering around some of Prague’s beautiful churches, chapels and medieval underground so expect plenty of photos on instagram too.

You can follow along with where I’ve visited in Prague on the map above which updates pretty much in real-time.

You can also follow along on twitter with the hashtag #Jet2Europe and I’d love to hear your recommendations etc on twitter -> @TravMonkey.

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From the 1950's till 1989, twenty metres down under the glamorous boutique Prague Hotel Jalta lay a secret that not even the hotels cleaning staff knew anything about, a
I took a weekend city break to Prague with Jet2CityBreaks to discover its leafy laid back beer gardens, historic micro-breweries, nightlife, as well as some fantastic sce

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