This is a post from a while ago, but I thought it was worth re-posting as many people haven’t seen it and it’s buried in the archives. It’s a 101 things to do before you die type of article.

Have you ever needed a little inspiration in order to brainstorm the kind of activities and sights you would like to see around the world?

Well I have, and I wanted to come up with “101 Things To Do Around The World” in order to inspire people to think.

It’s not a definitive list but rather simply a list of random things to do on a trip around the world that will hopefully trigger ideas for the reader.

I also created a 150 things to do before you die, crowdsource for people on twitter.

If you come up with your own additions to the 101 list of things please feel free to add them below as a comment.

101 Things To Do Around The World

1. Sky Dive
Leap out of a plane sky diving over Lake Wanaka , New Zealand.

2. Scuba Diving
Go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

3. Bungee Jumping
Free fall with just a length of rubber tied to your legs, Bungee jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand.

4. Nude Beach
Don’t be shy, visit a nude beach in Tulum, Mexico.

5. Dive with sharks
Go down to the depths of the ocean diving with sharks in Australia.Β Or try shark cage diving in South Africa.

6. Mount Everest
Pay a visit to the breath-taking Mount Everest, Nepal.

7. Visit A Volcano
Erupt with excitement visiting a volcano, Krakatoa, Indonesia.

8. Take A Mud Bath
Cleanse the skin with a mud bath in Yangshuo, China.

9. Learn A New Language
Learn Russian in St Petersberg, Russia.

10. Take A Cooking Class
Take time out to learn new skills in the kitchen stir frying in Chang Mai, Thailand.

11. Go Skiing
Head to the slopes of the amazing Andes, Argentina.

12. Go On A Safari
Grab the binoculars and go wildlife spotting in Tanzania, Africa.

13. Get Chased By A Bull

Run for your life from the raging bulls at “the running of the bulls” in Pamplona, Spain.

14. Turtle Watching
Watch the turtle lay their eggs on the shore in Queensland, Australia.

15. Whale Watching
Marvel at these huge animals as they jump out of the ocean at Hervey Bay, Australia.

16. Swim With Dolphins
Fulfil every ones favourite dream and swim with dolphins in Mexico.

17. Trek The Great Wall
Trek along the world’s longest man-made structure the Great Wall Of China.

18. Volunteer
Try your hand at some volunteer work and make a difference in other people’s lives.

19. Learn Martial Arts
Take some time out from your travels and learn some self defence.

20. Write A Travel Journal
Write an online travel blog or even just a hand written journal, it’ll be great to look back on in years to come.

21. Teach A Language
Give something back by teaching in a foreign country.

22. Tomato Fight
Grab a tomato and throw for your life at the tomato throwing festival – La Tomatina, in Bunol, Spain.

23. The Killing Fields
Visit a harrowing chapter in Cambodian history at the killing fields.

24. Wine Tasting
Check out the local wines at a vine yard in California, USA.

25. Eat Kangaroo Steak
Sample the local wildlife with a giant kangaroo steak in Australia.

26. Angkor
Visit the amazing temples of Angkor including Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

27. Stonehenge
Visit and ponder the huge stones at Stonehenge, England.

28. Machu Picchu
Take a trip to Lost City of the Incas, Machu Picchu in Peru.

29. Sail The Galapagos
Go face to face with the giant tortoise on the Galapagos Islands.

30. Trek Through The Amazon Rain forest
Trek through the Amazon Rain forest in Brazil before it disappears.

31. Witness The Tour de France
Watch as the cyclists zoom by in The Tour de France.

32. Run A Marathon
Push yourself to the limit in a marathon for charity.

33. Watch A Soccer Match
Go to a live soccer match and feel the atmosphere of the world’s favourite game.

34. Sumo Wrestling
Grab a ticket for the ancient Japanese sport of Sumo wrestling.

35. Muay Thai
Experience the Asian martial art of Muay Thai in Thailand.

36. Ride The Trans-Siberian Express
Tackle the huge seven day train journey on the Trans-Siberian Express through Russia.

37. White Water Rafting
Head down some fast flowing rapids in a rubber boat white water rafting in New Zealand.

38. Ride An Elephant

Hop on the back of one of these great beasts for a ride you’ll never forget, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

39. Visit The Grand Canyon
If you have a head for heights take a trip to the Grand Canyon and the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the USA.

40. Spend The Night In A Haunted Castle
If you don’t believe in ghosts, you soon will spending a night at a haunted castle in Scotland.

41. Sip Green Tea
Try the local green tea in the homeland of tea, China.

42. Hug A Koala Bear
Hug a sleepy Koala Bear in Australia but watch out for their sharp claws.

43. Tickets To The Ball Game
Get yourself down to a Major League Baseball game in the USA.

44. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro
Achieve great heights climbing the world’s tallest free-standing mountain rise in Tanzania, Africa.

45.The Pyramids Of Giza
Visit the most famous monuments of ancient Egypt the Pyramids of Giza.

46. Victoria Falls
Be blown away by Victoria Falls the largest waterfall in the world.

47. Visit Cape Town
See the sights of Cape Town, South Africa a rare cultural gem.

48. Visit Goa, India
Spend some time in laid back, peaceful ,warm and friendly Goa with it’s architectural splendours and wonderful scenery.

49. Stroll The Summer Palace, Beijing
Take time to stroll around the Summer Palace in Beijing, the largest imperial garden existing in China.

50. Trekking In The Himalayas
Trek the amazingly beautiful mountain range in Nepal.

51. The Grand Palace, Bangkok
Wander around the stunningly decorated Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.

52. Party Hard In Saigon
Explore the nightlife of Saigon, Vietnam and try the local bia hoi (local beer).

53. Hit The Bali Beaches
Take your towel to the beach and sun yourself in Bali, Indonesia.

54. See Uluru (Ayers Rock)
Visit this huge sacred sandstone rock at Red Centre, Australia.

55.Marvel at Sydney Opera House
Take time to wander around Sydney Opera House marveling at its wonderful architecture.

56. Climb Up Sydney Harbour Bridge
If you’re feeling energetic you can climb right to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

57. Hit The Great Ocean Road
Drive down the breath-taking coastline of south-west Victoria on The Great Ocean Road, Australia.

58. Taj Mahal
Pay a visit to one of the most famous treasures of the world, the Taj Mahal in India.

59. Climb Mount Fuji
Get your climbing boots at the ready and climb this well known symbol of Japan.

60. Chill Out In a Japanese Garden
Take time to chill out in these spiritual gardens in Japan.

61. Ride The Bullet Train
Be blown away riding the high speed “Bullet Train” or the Shinkansen as it’s known in Japan.

62. Niagara Falls
Visit the huge horse shoe shaped falls in Canada.

63. Learn To Snowboard
Learn a new hobby snowboarding in Canada.

64. The Statue Of Liberty
Visit the huge copper Statue Of Liberty in New York Harbour, USA.

65. Mount Rushmore Nation Park
Be amazed by the looming 60ft face of George Washington at Mount Rushmore, USA.

66. Death Valley National Park
Feel the intense heat at Death Valley Nation Park, USA.

67. Spotting Howler Monkeys
Take a trip to the tropical rain forest of Mexico and listen out for the local Howler monkeys.

68. The Iguazu Falls
Being taller than Niagara Falls and twice as wide you should pay a visit to the Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil.

69. Trek The Inca Trail
Trek along the historic Inca Trail through ruins toward the spectacular Machu Picchu, Peru.

70. Admire The Terracotta Warriors
Admire the thousands of life size Terra-cotta warriors and horses in Xi ‘an, China.

71. Check Into A Capsule Hotel
Check into a Tokyo capsule hotel and experience sleeping in a truly minimalist space.

72. Party on the beach
Party hard at the full moon party in Thailand.

73. Long Tailed Macaques
Monkey around with the long tailed Macaques in Bali, Indonesia.

74. Trek The Rice Paddy Fields
Get a great view of the rice paddy fields by trekking around them in Vietnam.

75. Cruise Halong Bay
Cruise around the beautifully scenic Halong Bay, Vietnam.

76. Visit Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre
Visit the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre built to rehabilitate orphan orangutans in Malaysia.

77. Cruise Down The Mekong
Take a lazy cruise down the Mekong river in Laos.

78. Take A Roman Bath
Wander around the Roman Baths in Bath, England.

79. Go To The Top Of The Eiffel Tower
Take the lift to the top of France’s most famous landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

80. See Pompeii
Take a trip to the world’s most famous volcano disaster, Pompeii, Italy.

81. The Leaning Tower
See the world’s most famous cock-up the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

82. The Colosseum
Visit one of the forgotten wonders of the world the Roman Colosseum, Italy.

83. The Cook Islands
Large green volcanic mountains and white sand beaches await you on the Cook Islands.

84. Angel Falls
Feel the spray from the water of Angel Falls, Venezuela. The waterfall flows from the top of a large mountain 15 times higher than Niagara Falls.

85. Try Out Your Language Skills
Test out your basic language skills on the locals, even if you’re bad they’ll appreciate the effort.

86. Petronia’s Towers
Gaze up at the Petronas Towers in Malaysia, the tallest twin towers in the world.

87. Try Sushi
Try some real sushi in Japan.

88. Visit An Iceberg
Pay a visit to an iceberg in chilly Greenland.

89.Take A Photo In Hollywood
Have your photo taken beneath the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, USA.

90. Take A Gamble
Play poker or head to the roulette table in one of the many casinos in Las Vegas, USA.

91. Make New Friends
Meet like minded friends from various different backgrounds and cultures on the road.

92. Join The Carnival In Rio
Join the drums, dancing and singing at the Rio Carnival in Brazil.

93. Go Zorbing
Throw yourself (zorbing) down a hill suspended in a transparent PVC sphere in New Zealand.

94. Spot A Kangaroo
Spot a kangaroo out in the bush in Australia.

95. Experience A Motor Taxi
Risk your life on the back of a motor taxi in South East Asia., it’s sometimes the only way to get around.

96. Try Some Strange Foods
Try eating some snake, crocodile or even a nice roasted dog in Asia.

97. Learn To Surf
Grab a board and catch a wave learning to surf at Surfers Paradise, Australia.

98. Big Ben And The Houses Of Parliament
See one of London’s best known land marks up close.

99. Test Your Bartering Skills
Brush up on your bartering skills at a local market.

100. Visit The Stone Moai Of Easter Island
Visit Easter Island with it’s strange stone Moai steeped in mystery.

101. Learn About Yourself
Learn just what it is that makes you tick by spending some time traveling alone.

Updates – I’m adding a few worthy updates to the list that I’ve found or experienced!

102. Cereal for dinner?
Order a cereal cocktail of Choco-potomus (Coco Pops, Krave, Kinder Happy Hippo and chocolate milk) at anytime whilst at the Cereal Killer Cafe on Brick Lane in London.

Do you have your own suggestions for things to do in places around the world?

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Paul Dow

Hello! I'm Paul, an award winning travel blogger who focuses on solo adventure travel and has a passion for using new technology. I write, take photos and produce videos about travel, food, craft beer, coffee and adventure.

  • TravMonkey

    Cheers Ian,thanks for diggin it!

  • Jack

    # 101 has got to be the hardest. Great list!-EthanBackpacking on Little Money

  • Karen Morgan

    take a ferry across the Mersey in Liverpool and visit the waterfront of what was the greatest import and export port in the world. Liverpool is the City in England that holds the most listed buildings outside of London.

  • niceguy

    We have a forum on the topic 101 Things To Do also feel free to link,7

    Regards niceguy

  • Rochelle Browett

    How about watching the changing of the guards/horse guards at buckingham palace in England, visting The Needles On the Isle of Wight, enjoying the week long festivities of Cowes Week on the Isle of Wight (one of the world's largest sailing races), taking a trip to the Louvre or Notre Dame in Paris, going on the London Eye…

  • Hannah

    Go to the Naadam festival in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

  • mark newman

    stroke whales in san ignacio bay in mexico
    get covered in paint in Holi in India

  • bec

    go shopping

  • pb

    Love the list but as a true blue Aussie I have to add that for Number 42, koalas aren't bears….
    and I'd add try the drink hakkiestrudt in South Africa (it translates to 'barbed wire')

  • Hi pb,

    Ah you learn something everyday! Thanks for the comment. Hakkiestrudt somes pretty deadly? I'm guessing it's alcoholic right??

    Paul @

  • I’ve done a few of these now since travelling, although some in different locations πŸ™‚ Would reccomend them all!

  • Thanks Rob,

    What other locations would you recommend?

    Paul @

  • HAX

    Hey Travmonkey. Great List by the way. I decided that I would really like to do something interesting with my life. I have done Japan as an exchange student and have visited Thiland as well. One thing I would like to suggest is treking the mountains of chein mie (not spelled correctly). But was an amazing experience. Anyways I am bored with my life at the moment and realized I have not done anything super interesting with it so I decided I want to do a not so typical resprt type of trip. I am leaning towards the tomato fight in spain. Have you been? Any suggestions? Also I saw your post that you traveled for 22 months. If you don’t mind me asking. How do people manage to find the funds to travel for so long? Thanks. πŸ™‚

  • TravMonkey

    Hi Hax,

    Thanks for the comment. I haven’t been to La Tomatina Tomato Fight in Bunyol, but it looks like fun!

    I think backpacking has so many rewards the trouble is there are just so many great places to experience in the world!

    If you want to do something different I would suggest picking a place that would put yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge you a little. These kinds of experiences are great for learning about yourself and different cultures. Perhaps somewhere that has a very different culture to home?

    As for funds, I saved a lot of money for about a year before I left home. I also worked for about 5 months in Sydney in Australia. That paid for a lot of my travels around South America.


    Paul @

  • jane

    Great list!!…So many places to explore on this globe!!..I chuckle about my last trip to Nepal and have to add one might want to *experience/risk your life*on a rickshaw ride through the streets of Kathmandu…When in Egypt also visit Saqqara Pyramid site(oldest pyramid in the world,many smaller arch sites/paintings to explore) just south of Giza…Awake to the sounds of howler monkeys dropping fruitpits on the roof of your palapa and jungle trek/camp in Costa Rica-incredible species and also visit Arenal Volcano at night and watch lava erupt and flo illuminate down it…Get spooked by barracuda and shark, view brilliant marine life when snorkeling/diving around Cayman Brac/Little Cayman Is.

  • TravMonkey

    Hi Jane,

    Some great activities and sights you've added there. Perhaps I should publish 201 things to do around the world! πŸ˜€


    Paul @

  • I love this list because I've tried many times to encapsulate all the amazing things I want to do and see around the world. I was surprised that you put mud baths of yangshuo as that was one of my favorite experiences from China. btw there's a picture of my sister and I with our trusty whiteboard completely covered in mud…

    check it out at (POST – mud pits, marriage, and a 2 hour trip around the world)

    Also as an add on…I would say the fjords of Norway, Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, Ice Hotel in Sweden, Arctic Circle/Santas Village in Rovaniemi Finland, sand boarding and camel rides through Morocco,kite surfing in California, Island hopping on a sailboat in the caribbean, sleeping at a jail turned hostel in Ljubljana Slovenia called Hostel Celica, rock climbing in Railay/Tonsai Thailand, dodging moped traffic in Hanoi Vietnam, Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong, 24hr huge outdoor crazy food venues in Singapore, and hang gliding out in colorado have all been amazing things do see and do around the world.

  • Hi Justin,

    Great photos of the mub baths. I've been there myself a while ago! It was great fun! Love the white board messages!


    Paul @

  • Hey,

    Great list! I am impressed to see my tiny home country of New Zealand represented so frequently on it, and I have another one for you.

    Climb an Active Volcano
    – On White Island, New Zealand, you walk through the ash up to the egde of the vent of the volcano and look right in! Absolutely great experience!

    Thank you for the inspiration,

    (kiwiicon on Twitter)

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  • Hi Robyn,

    Thanks for the comment! At this rate I'll have to draw up a new list of 101 things!

    I loved travelling around New Zealand that's probably why there are so many on the list.



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  • Gabriela

    Where is TUKUM in Mexico? I know TULUM, but not Tukum..thanks!

  • Hi Gabriela,

    Thanks for letting us know, with 101 things there was always going to be a typo or two! πŸ™‚


    Paul @

  • Great list! My favorite is number 83. Well, it's number one on my 'to-see' list πŸ˜‰ And maybe something to add to number 37, jetboating in Queensland, NZ.

  • Hi Isabelle,

    I remember seeing the jetboating in Queenstown, NZ but I didn't actually do it… I opted for the bungee instead πŸ˜€ .

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  • Hi Paul,

    Great Travel website you have here. Thanks for visiting my blog, I have added your website into my link list. Would you mind to add mine too?


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  • Nothing about Belize? There are some true wonders here – especially the Belize Barrier Reef System. I would suggest scuba diving at Turneffe Atoll and/or the Great Blue Hole for starters. The ATM caves are not to be missed either. Great list otherwise.

  • TravMonkey

    Sorry Pedro, no Belize… yet!

    You're making me think about visiting Belize! πŸ˜€

    If I'm in the country I'll be heading to the Pedro Inn!


    Paul @

  • Inan

    Visit Maldives!

  • Paul

    I've done a lot of the above world travel wise and I'd add write a book and get it published. And have 'great sex' with someone who really, really wants you. I've done The Great Wall of China, done a degree in philosophy while travelling the world, dived the great Barrier Reaf and taken a 4 year holiday but the two things I mentioned above stand out.

  • kanika

    hi, thats a great list.. but i'd say you must try some places in India too πŸ™‚

  • Great list and nice to see that I've done a few things off this list. Cape Town, Muy Thai, Giza so many things I've done and there are still so many to do.

    This would be a fantastic spark to book a ticket!

  • Ingrid

    That's a great list.

    It could be my to do list, as I've only done 27/101.

    Something that might be worth to consider is the Tiger Leaping Gorge trek in Yunnan, China. It's just beautiful there.

  • Jamie

    Great List

    Loved My Skydive in Wanaka last year

  • David Hemmett

    Great list, how about a couple of days at the Calgary Stampede ?
    Be prepared for long days as it is not just a Rodeo but a complete fun fair at which most of Canada ( and English like myself ) seem to turn up for. ( see the cowboy hats on the aeroplane on the way out ! ).
    The queue for the on site Saloons are long, but they do not close until early morning.
    Great City.

  • Lisa

    We only have this one life. I love the list! I have been working on mine and I am up to 66. I have crossed off things on my list locally, but when I graduate I am traveling the world.

  • Maryjo

    Visit Chichen Itza in Mexico. Truly amazing. Everyone should do scuba diving somewhere. I've never gone scuba diving in Australia but I did do it in Isla Mujeres and it was great.

  • dress up in a fancy dress and visit the Venice Carnival in February, really unique

  • Evo

    Pompeii is amazing – it's huge!

    I won't be trying roast dog though… I don't think my pooch would approve.

  • Belinda

    Experience the world's biggest water fight that is the Thai new year (in April) in Changmai!

  • Patrick

    Paul.. I admire you!
    I want to travel the world like you.. someday, I’m gonna retire early and do it!! πŸ™‚

  • Patrick

    by the way.. Macchu Pichu is listed twice..

  • Great responses guys! Thai new year is definitely great fun and well worth a mention. Macchu Pichu is worth mentioning twice! πŸ˜€

    Hey Patrick, just save some cash, sort out your finances and take a few months off… easier done in reality than it is to do in your head! Go for it!

    Paul @

  • You never know how green the grass is until you jump over the other side…or so I hear. πŸ˜‰ I am glad you dusted this post and brought it back to share… I have to admit I have done a few things you listed. Thanks for making me realize how truly lucky I am!

  • Nick

    Pet tigers in the Tiger Temple in Thailand.

  • xander

    should try hunting a Kudu in South Africa sometime, deep fishing in Mozambique, tiger fishing in the Zambezi, Ver-Si in Paris, watching formula one live, bungi jumping blou kraans SA, spending a night in the burj al arab, great list still have to try a few!

  • Hi guys!

    Thanks for your extra comments! You know I'm going to have to add readers favourites to a list of it's own! Keep the suggestions coming!!


    Paul @

  • Flip

    Canada has much more to offer. Good list though. I'm planning to do a world trip to. Already saving some money so I can realise my dream!

  • Hi Flip, Thanks for the comment. Do you have any recommendations for things to do and places to go in Canada?


  • NathanK126

    Hi Trav monkey I am sure it is huge but is it possibelf or you to email your itenary with the ruff costs in each place etc.

    My email is i am a 20 yearold student cureently saving up to backpacking but cant deicde which continant to start with πŸ™‚

  • Go sea kayaking in Antarctica! I would love to do that.. thanks for the great inspiration πŸ™‚

  • wendier

    I love this website :)I think about to do a world trip of 13months, and this website give me really the courage to do it. and handy advice. Planning to climb mount kilimanjaro and to climb to basecamp mount everest (is much cheaper than the real summit, don't have 25000 dollars to pay the permit), so I can tick off some things of this list πŸ™‚

    ps do a stop in the abbey of westfleteren (belgium) to drink the best beer of the world: brewed by monks to honor God, and if you are going there, take the train from the train station of antwerp; one of the most beautiful of the world (i am a girl from antwerp, and still impressed)

  • Great Post and site, just discovered you through following your on twitter (follow me back πŸ™‚ kwells87) I have spent 15 months travelling the world plus various holidays, I am 23 years old and managed to already tick off 51 from your live above (a couple were the activity but not EXACT location you specified) and I am so excited by the fact I am planning my next trip from October, covering South and Central America for the first half of it so hope to tick off even more of those places…but of course not just 'tick off' I love to explore and spend time at each place where possible not just rush it to say I have been :)_ is my blog for the 12 month trip I did last…want to set up my own proper site though after seeing so many great sites like your own! x

  • drive a ferrari as fast as you can…

  • So much in India I guess. Ladakh should be a must-do in this list, I think. Plus, the temples of India. And the madness of Mumbai… πŸ™‚

  • amazing place…uhhm… when i can go to there… really i want… πŸ™‚ the good list…

  • You have to have the San Blas Islands, Panama on the list. Live with the locals on any one of the 300 tiny deserted islands.

    Is much better than visiting the Roman Baths in Bath, I live in Bath!

  • Where would you do that? πŸ™‚

  • What’s so good about the islands?

    That’s cus you live it Bath πŸ˜€ I guess!

  • Caeleah

    I love the list and i’m actually writing one of my own at the minute! if you don’t mind me asking how much did you ave to save before you went travelling and how long did it take you?

  • Hi Caeleah,

    Save hmm it was a long time ago now… maybe 10k-14k UK pounds? over two years.. then I worked in Australia in the city half way.

  • love your list. ive just done my own for my blog, we have a fair few in common. cant believe i forgot pompei, probably my european highlight so far!

  • Barnicals

    Don’t the Autobahns of Germany have no speed limit?

  • Jessie

    A koala is not a bear of any sort, and in saying this it is offensive to Australians when they are called ‘Koala Bears’

  • Nice List, and during my travels I’v done quite a few of them, but one thing stikes me is Bali, why does everyone say Bali is nice for beaches? Fiji is much nicer, here on Bali (I am there at the moment) I could not find a really nice beach. Garbage and rubbish everywhere. Even when you go diving and see a wreck with nice fishes you “stumbel” upon bottles and so on.

    If someone wants a nice beach to hang out at I would not recommend Bali at all.



  • Really help full inspiration man. I’ll surely apply some of them once I become a traveling nomad.

  • -D-

    I am an Aussie and I am not offended at all… And I dare say you did not lose a second of sleep either… It is a great list and he made one or two mistakes… Oh well.

  • inci

    nothing to do in turkey :(( thats saad..

  • This is a wonderful list of what brings excitement to your life and I love it. Yet, there are particular lifetime situations where you can hardly talk about what you believe or don’t and you have to keep it for yourself. going out and screaming it won’t help much unless you are tired of breathing. That’s also a kind of inner torture which is no fun.

    So, may be one can write a list of 101 things not to do including this one and alike!

    Rahman Mehraby
    Specialized Travel Directory

  • I didn’t see the Philippines. There’s a lot of beautiful places to see within the Philippines

  • Hi

    This is a really nice list. I am planning to put these things on my bucket list. I was wondering what would be some good careers/career path for a traveling lifestyle? It has to be a well-paying one but with flexibility. If you could reply back, I would appreciate it.


  • Wow that a lot of things to do while traveling does a life will be enough

  • I have already done over 20 and would like to do all. Thanks!

  • This is a great list and I would love to attempt number 44 – Climb Mt Kilamanjaro. Sushi is one of my favourite foods but I have never tried it in Japan! Guess that is going to have to be on the top of my own list. Thank you for sharing this very inspirational list.

  • Great list, 101 has be the most challenging!I think the empire state building should be on everyone’s list too. Personally I would love to have a Brazilian Jujitsu class with the Gracie brothers in Brazil…

  • Thanks for your comment Lucy!

    This is a really old article, I think it was republished in 2009 but actually written in 2006/2007 originally! Still many great things to do out there in the world!

    Jujitsu? Is it Brazilian?

  • Great list of places to visit!

  • Sam

    Sweet list, but did you realise that you have Machu Picchu twice?
    Well you have Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail!

    thought i should point that out to open a spot for another great thing to see.


  • This is a great list! I was stoked to see that I had done some of them already πŸ™‚

  • I have just done just 11of them and would like to do all. Thanks!

  • Done quite a few on the list; Roman baths, Stonehenge, for example. Would love to do more!

  • Scuba diving on the Great Barier Reef it’s one of my old dream. Hope come true on day!

  • Wow! What a list.really very informative. Want to see them all!

  • StudentNow


    Africa is not a country!

    For every other location you have put either “city name”, “country name” (Tulum, Mexico) OR “site name”, “country name” (Stonehenge, England) . Why for Tanzania did you put “country name”, “continent name”?

  • Hi StudentNow,

    We didn’t suggest Africa was a country. We were talking about a country (Tanzania) rather than a city or place so it made sense to give it more context.

    Thanks for your comment!

  • Frida Olsen

    Thank you for posting this AWESOME list. I am going to attempt to complete every single one by the time i die. I already got some of them down πŸ™‚


    Travel ideas based on your budget

  • Hamid. W Malik

    You have missed the Silk Route which connects Pakistan with China

  • Travel to Serbia, try great food and drinks, meet our history, and many more things. See south and east Serbia on