Deck chairs, Brighton Beach

Weekend Winging It In Brighton!

Surprise! It's Friday morning, I've just been sipping a strong black coffee in an attempt to wake myself up when I got the news that I'm off exploring sunny (hopefully!) Brighton this weekend! I'm leaving work this evening (Friday 3rd July) and … [Read more]


Taking To The Sea – Sailing Menorca

A huge gust of wind hit the sails throwing us off course dramatically, the captain battled with wheel as the boat dipped into a wave. We clung on to anything that would keep us on board the boat. There were no signs of major panic from the … [Read more]


London to Tirol, Austria – City to the Mountains

I left a grim, grey, smoggy London skyline behind in search of the fresh mountain air of Austria to throw myself down a mountain on a bike, meet a friendly pack of huskies and to explore the mountains of Tirol. City life is fast and exciting but … [Read more]


Horse Riding In Menorca

Standing in a field surrounded by long inquisitive faces nibbling at my t-shirt isn’t quite what I was expecting from horse riding in Menorca. We trotted into what looked like a scene from Jurassic Park, an expansion plain lined with palm trees … [Read more]

Alex and Horse, Menorca

My Menorca Adventure

It was pretty late, I’d just finished packing when my phone buzzed across the table, there was message from my mum wishing me a good trip to Menorca. I wasn’t quite sure whether I had ever been before but there was some faint memory of a distant … [Read more]


It’s Not Just About The View – The Shard

The Shard and the view from the top (called The View From The Shard) or at least the view from the furtherest you can get to is something that I've always wanted to do since the building was complete back in 2012. Like most things when you live … [Read more]

Coffee at The Attendant

The Attendant Cafe, London

Drinking coffee in a gent's public toilet? Doesn't sound too appealing does it? Well ever since watching a programme on TV about an architect who bought a disused public toilet in Crystal Palace and turned it into a beautiful little city flat, … [Read more]