Coastline Mahon Port, Menorca

Adventures in Menorca #MustSeeMenorca

After visiting Menorca twice last year, I'm heading there again this weekend! You can follow where I go and what I get up to with live check-ins on the map above, tweets and instagrams right from this page. Bookmark This Page Whilst in … [Read more]

sebright arms

Craft Beer Pub Crawl In East London (Bethnal Green)

If you're looking to sample the craft beer scene in East London, take a look at my craft beer pub crawl in Bethnal Green for some inspiration. The craft beer scene has exploded in London in recent years with micro-breweries popping up all over … [Read more]

fatbiking snow

7 Skiing Alternatives You need to try in Austria

As the lush bright green valleys of Tirol, Austria turn to into a snowy winter wonderland, thoughts turn to skiing or snowboarding...carving up the fresh powder, speeding down the piste... but wait! There's much more to do in the winter in … [Read more]

Canary Wharf jump

4k Photography With Lumix #4KPHOTO

I'm currently working with Lumix to try out their 4K photography. I've managed to get hold of a retro looking Lumix TZ80 with an impressive range of features. Some of my favourites include the super-zoom, great auto focus, smooth WiFi capabilities … [Read more]

Torches Riga Independence Day

7 Things To Do In Riga In Winter

It's hard to imagine just what Riga is like if you've never been before. I remember being surprised on my first visit with how modern architecture blended with the old, yet the old town still retains its historical charm. On the east side of the … [Read more]

Fat Bike Tyre

Fat Biking Tour In Tirol, Austria

"Fat biking? What? Never heard of it!" Me neither, well until my winter trip to Tirol in Austria where I experienced a fat biking tour. As if skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing and snowshoeing in winter wasn't enough, the Austrian's have brought … [Read more]

Kitzbueheler Alpen_Winter-2 Skifahrer auf Bergplateau_Leitsujet(c)MirjaGeh_Eye5_2015-small

I’m Back #InAustria For Snowboarding & Fatbiking

It's that time of the year again where we dig out those winter clothes, ski gloves, hats, scarves and leggings and head to the mountains for a bit of snow sport! I'm off to Gatwick Airport tonight to stay over at Yotel instead of getting up at 3am … [Read more]

Brandenburger Tor

48 Hour Itinerary in Berlin

I spent a quick 48 hours in Berlin visiting some of the sights of the city. My itinerary for Berlin features city views, historical sights, museums, cafes and world famous monuments. How to use this itinerary To view a place from the itinerary on … [Read more]


Looking Back At My 2015

It's that time of year again where I see whether I actually managed to complete the goals I set this time last year! I've found the exercise of publishing my goals a great reminder of where I'm going and what I'm trying to achieve. I do try to … [Read more]