Life distracting from blogging

In the last few months I've been a bit distracted. A bit offline, not blogging or posting to social media as often as usual. Sometimes, for your own stress levels, sanity, you need to take some time offline. And sometimes in life there are more … [Read more]


Have I Been Living A Travel Blogging Lie?

Many moons ago I was once a full-time blogger, now I work full time. That could all change of course... I’ve been living a bit of a lie. Well kind of. I have a job… There, I’ve said it! Now we've got that out in the open... It … [Read more]

TravMonkey Travel Blog Background

Staro Riga festival of light

So from the 17th to the 20th I'll be in Riga for the festival of light. Here you can see where I've checked into and instagram photos I've taken from the trip! Feel free to tweet at me too @travmonkey and I'll be using the hashtag … [Read more]

View at Wilsons Prom

1 Week Itinerary For Melbourne & Phillip Island

I spent a week visiting Melbourne, exploring Phillip island and Wilson's Prom on an independent wildlife, ecotourism and adventure trip. Here's my itinerary from the trip! Starting and finishing with a few days in Melbourne I took a car and drove … [Read more]

TravMonkey in the Sky Garden London

The Sky Garden – The Best View In London?

What better way to get your bearings in an unfamiliar city than way up high above the bustle of the traffic and march of pedestrians on the city streets? Surely London's tallest building would be the place to visit? Well, not for me. I felt a … [Read more]


Weekend At The Edinburgh Fringe

I'm at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this weekend whilst testing out the Nokia 930 Windows phone. I'll be using it to snap instagrams, take videos, tweet along with finding my way around the city etc.   If you've been before I'd love to … [Read more]


Weekend in Dublin

I'm off to Dublin for the weekend with friends, I'll be seeing some of the sights of the city... in other words, beer, breweries, distilleries, pubs and maybe just maybe a few museums! Talk to us! Feel free to leave a comment or insightful tips for … [Read more]