Coffee at The Attendant

The Attendant Cafe, London

Drinking coffee in a gent's public toilet? Doesn't sound too appealing do it? Well ever since watching a programme on TV about an architect who bought a disused public toilet in Crystal Palace and turned it into a beautiful little city flat, … [Read more]

Emirates Aviation Experience

The Emirates Air Line Cable Car, Greenwich

We picked a typically chilly, charcoal grey skied, winters day to head down to Greenwich to ride the Emirates Air Line Cable Car. It has been one of those London "things that I want to do but haven't got around to it yet" and it was time to tick it … [Read more]

2015 01 12_5743

Video: Cereal Killer Cafe, London

We wandered down Brick Lane for a bowl of cereal at 6pm at the Cereal Killer Cafe. You can read all about the experience in my blog post. If you're having any problems viewing the video you can watch it on YouTube too. Video … [Read more]

borough market

My Goals For 2015

I can't believe it, it's nearly the end of January already and I haven't even committed to my goals for the year! Writing them down helps me to commit to them much more than just thinking about them in my head, also by telling people about them makes … [Read more]

2015 01 12_5684

Cereal Killer Cafe, Brick Lane, London

"How about a bowl of choco-potomus?" asks the young guy behind the counter (surprisingly clean shaven, no bushy hipster beard). "erm, what's that?" I ask, taking a closer look at the menu that I pretended I was reading earlier. "'s a … [Read more]


My 2014 & Happy New Year

It's time (again) for my review of the year, it only seems like a few months since I wrote the last one. 2014 has gone really quickly, it feels like it's been a bit of a strange year not only just for me but for the world at large. There's been … [Read more]